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A warm hello to all of you shining souls, and welcome to my online home. My name is Amanda, and I am honored to have you here.

Among these pages you will find handmade crystal jewelry charged with Reiki healing energy, crystal and Reiki infused healing and ritual oils100% natural and vegan artisan soaps crafted with intentions, and other noteworthy creations. Everything that I create is filled with positive intentions, Reiki healing energy, and a whole lot of purpose and love. I am a Reiki Master offering local Reiki healing sessions, distant Reiki healing sessions, crystal workshops, and aura photography events. As you make your way around my site, allow yourself to relax, remain open, let your intuition be your guide and, as always, breathe...

A note about my jewelry -  I go with the flow of using various methods of connecting with myself and Spirit to seek out the messages I share with my offerings. Sometimes I sit and meditate with my creations, tuning into their personal intended purpose to discover the intentions of each crystal on an individual basis. Other times I will connect with my divination cards and share the messages given to me there. Occasionally I share my own intentional reasons for why I make a specific piece, or the meaning and purpose within a crystal will reveal itself to me as I am working on it. And at other times, I'll offer knowledge and insights from one of my books. I connect with everything I make on a deeply personal level. I don't create just jewelry... I create healing tools, personal power talismans, high-vibration wearable art that is intended to help guide you towards your highest state of being. My intention isn't to just sell you a piece of jewelry. It's to build a connection with you. To help you feel that warm, glowing light that lives within all of us.

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Crystals are all about light, love, personal strength and growth.

They are a catalyst to our inner light. They help us to recognize and listen to the wisdom within our soul, so that we may know and love ourselves and others on a deeper level. Just like meditation, visualization, yoga, prayer, and other personal techniques used to calm the mind and achieve a clearer perception, when you tune into a crystal it becomes a mirror that will reflect Light into your consciousness.

Soaps with Intentions


100% All Natural & Vegan

Cold Processed Soaps

Handcrafted soaps made with high-quality essential oils and herbs specifically chosen for their physical, emotional, and spiritual healing properties. Infused with positive intentions, Reiki healing energy, and a whole lot of Love.

Certified Reiki Master
Lineage of Dr. Mikao Usui, Reiki Master
Guided by Libby Barnett, Reiki Master


Rei "Universal Life" - Ki "Energy"

Reiki is an ancient form of Energy Healing Therapy, with its roots originating in Japan. Everyone and everything is made up of energy. Reiki Healing Energy helps to bring balance to your body, mind, and soul. It speaks to your system on a cellular level, allowing you to open up and receive its pure and positive effects. Reiki works in harmony with your body's own innate ability to heal. Whether physically, emotionally, or spiritually, Reiki produces feelings of comfort, warmth, acceptance, relief, expansion, and healing. 


This Is Me

Crystals, stones, rocks, minerals; I have been collecting these beautiful and powerful gifts from Mother Nature since childhood. My knowledge of the mineral kingdom has grown throughout the years through self-study, various workshops, personal experiences, and sharing with others.

I received my first Reiki healing treatment during the summer of 2016. By November 2018, I was completing my Reiki Master training. Reiki has been one of the most profound energetic healing modalities that I have ever experienced. There could not be one single person, animal, thing, place, situation, or soul in this universe that would not benefit from Reiki.

Worthy Of Love Healing

Berkshire County, Massachusetts

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