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Consciously Crafted Jewelry, Sacred Soaps, Crystals, Reiki & Other Magical Offerings

A warm hello to all of you shining souls, and welcome to my online home. My name is Amanda, and I am honored to have you here.

Among these pages, you will find handmade crystal jewelry infused with Reiki healing energy, natural plant-based handmade soaps, and other noteworthy creations. Everything that I create is filled with sincere intentions, Reiki healing energy, and a whole lot of purpose and love.

A note about my jewelry -  I connect with everything I make on a deeply personal level. I don't create just jewelry. I create healing tools, personal power talismans, high-vibration wearable art that is intended to help guide you towards your highest state of being. My intentions aren't to just sell you a piece of jewelry. My intentions are to build a connection with you, to help you build a deeper connection with yourself. My intentions are to offer you inspiration, and a bridge to help unite you to Spirit, to the Divine, to your Essence.