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Custom Creations

*** Custom Orders are Temporarily Closed ***

Unique and individual, just like you!

If you have a special-to-you stone, crystal, seashell, or anything of that nature that you would like turned into a piece of wearable art, I would be honored to create it for you.
You could also choose from the various crystals that I have available - listed below. Pick your favorite, or chat with me about what you're looking to bring into and around yourself and I can help to pair you with a suitable crystal.

Wire wrap, solder, suede, wood, polymer clay, simple, elegant, intricate, bold, so many options!
We'll work together to create the perfect piece for you.

Contact Me to Begin Our Creative Journey

Please note that custom orders may take anywhere from 2-5 weeks from our first contact until it is in your hands. Rush orders may be considered under certain circumstances.

Available Crystals

Kyanite - black, blue & green | Citrine - common & true | Mookaite Jasper | Indonesian Fossil Palm Root  | Satin Spar Selenite | Turquoise - true | Eudialyte | Ametrine | Maligano Jasper | Charoite | Peacock Shiva Eye Shell | Smokey Quartz Point | Clear Quartz Point | Sunstone | Moonstone | Malachite | Labradorite | Pyrite | Ocean Jasper | Tiger Eye | Lapis Lazuli | Amber | Tourmaline - black, green & ink blue Indicolite | Amethyst | Pietersite | Herkimer Diamond | Porcelain Jasper | Indigo Gabbro | Green Onyx | Raw Opals - Australian & Ethiopian Welo | Agates | Apatite | Imperial Topaz | Petrified Sandalwood | Polychrome Jasper | and More!

Don't see what you're looking for? Check-in with me, as my crystal collection grows faster than my updating of this page ;-)

Creating under the moonlight...

Like all of us, this site is a constant work in progress. Sign up for special offers, occasional updates, and 10% off of your first order. I promise I won't clutter your inbox!

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