Distant Reiki Healing

To schedule a Distant Reiki Energy Healing Session, contact me HERE

I am so happy that you're interested in exploring distant Reiki. It is one powerful practice (out of many) that will clear out negative energy; help you to strengthen your connection to your heart and soul; and allow your mind and body the opportunity to heal and work out whatever may be ailing, troubling, and surrounding you.

Distant Reiki follows the belief that we are all connected - we are all made of energy and part of a larger whole. I will connect with your energetic essence during your distant Reiki session, and this is how the Reiki energy will reach you. Distant Reiki treatments are just as effective as in-person treatments, allowing you to receive healing from afar. You may perceive the healing energy as warmth or tingling, as feelings of joy and tranquility, as a sense of release (possibly accompanied by tears), and sometimes all of these things and more can occur. But it is not necessary for you to sense the energy for the healing to take place. As long as you remain open to the possibility of healing, you will benefit from the session. You may choose to go about your regular routine during a distant Reiki session, but I do truly believe you will benefit most if you schedule it for a time when you can be alone and in a quiet, comfortable space. Sitting quietly with your breath and taking the time to go within has numerous benefits for your health and well-being. The addition of Reiki healing energy makes it all the more powerful.


We'll go about setting up for your session in the same sense as we would in person, except we'll do it through email, phone call, or video chat... whatever you'd prefer. During this time you can share as much as you are feeling called to, as well as the intentions you'd like to set for your Reiki session. I will offer my suggestions for an affirmation, as well as a self-guided meditation/visualization for you to focus on as your session begins. We will schedule your session for a day and time when we will both be in a quiet, comfortable space - daytime, or I am available to go late into the evening as well. When your scheduled time arrives, you will be in your space and I will be in mine. This is when I will call upon and connect to your energetic essence - through space, time, and the power of All is One, I will send you Reiki healing energy. After your session, I encourage you to write down anything that may come up for you. I will do the same, and we will reconnect a few days afterwards (this gives us time to contemplate and absorb) to discuss how it went, to share our experiences, and I will offer any clarity or guidance that I have available for you.

$30 for a 30 minute session + all correspondences

$60 for a 60 minute session + all correspondences

To schedule a Distant Reiki Energy Healing Session, contact me HERE

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