The act of smudging is a sacred practice that spans across many centuries and different cultures. It is a ritual practice that clears out negative energies and creates a space suitable for healing and positive energies to emerge.


Including Abalone shells in your smudging rituals means you are incorporating four of the earth's elements; the shell represents water, the smoke represents air, the unlit herbs or sticks represent earth, and once they're lit they represent fire. By incorporating the elements into your smudging ritual, you're inviting Mother Earth (or Mama Gaia) to be the focus of your ceremony. It is here, in the space created by Her, that transformations and manifestations have room to occur.


These Abalone shells are from the Wolf Spirit Sage collection, Ethically Harvested and Fair Trade. They are semi heat-resistant in my opinion. I carry mine around with all sorts of things burning in it for extended periods of time with the edges of the shell remaining cool to the touch, but the bottom does get hot! I do not recommend using a charcoal disc in these shells unless you first fill the bottom with sand to help absorb the heat. Use a heat-proof surface beneath your shell if setting it down.


Pictures are for reference only. You may not receive the exact shell in the photographs. Featured shell is 5" x 3.5". All are similar yet beautifully unique. Due to the fact that this is a natural shell, various imperfections may be present.


Abalone Shell - Smudge Bowl

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