Banded Green Calcite is an exceptionally serene and kindly refreshing stone. Its green color rays resonate with your heart chakra, while its other various earth tones harmonize with the heart of our Mother Earth. Keeping this combination of color frequencies within your surroundings brings in a sense of comfort and ease. Meditation with Banded Green Calcite will help to melt away mental and emotional weight, allowing your heart to feel more centered and secure, thus creating an open space for happiness and good fortune to flourish within you.


Banded Green Calcite increases your inner strength and vitality. It helps to soothe and heal your heart chakra as it inspires self-acceptance and self-trust. From this empowered, heart-centered receptiveness of trusting your own thoughts and feelings, you become the master of your destiny. It encourages you to no longer seek out or need opinions and validations from others in order to feel comfortable and confident in who you are and what you choose to do. Banded Green Calcite helps you to understand and accept your choices and life lessons, supporting you in moving forward with wise and compassionate attention and awareness.


The spherical shape of this stone radiates its energetic Light vibrations smoothly and evenly in all directions. Crystal spheres are a prime choice when considering Feng Shui energy. If there is a room in your home (or workplace) that feels stale and slow, or an area that is polluted from too much traffic, negative emotions, or chaotic vibrations, placing this Banded Green Calcite Sphere within the space will help to clear the energetic debris and circulate fresh energy within the area.


Your Banded Green Calcite Sphere will receive a sage smoke blessing and will be charged with the vibrations of my heart chakra singing bowl and Reiki healing energy before it is lovingly packaged and sent home to you. It will come in a recycled silk sari pouch along with a description card, dried lavender to invoke peaceful travels through the mail, and sage leaves that you can burn for your cleansings and blessings.


Sphere Size - 45mm, 4.7oz - super comfy weight to this beauty!


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Banded Green Calcite Sphere - Serenity, Trust, Self-Love