Blue Apatite carries a powerful energy that clears and stimulates your Third Eye Chakra. It enhances your inner visions and psychic abilities, and assists in lucid dreaming and astral travel. Its alluring energies stimulate your mind, bringing clarity and enhanced mental functioning. Blue Apatite opens your connection with Spiritual guidance. It is a useful guide while working with past lives and the Akashic Records, helping you to understand karmic influences of this lifetime. It helps you to gain a higher perspective on troublesome situations, opening you up to understanding and seeing the truth behind the lessons being presented to you. Apatite dispels unnecessary fears and aids you in accessing your subconscious for creative problem solving.


Copper Wire

Set in Sandalwood - Sustainably Sourced

Pendant Size - .85” x 1.95”

Fully adjustable brown suede cord with Tulsi wood bead accents.


Everything that I create is infused with positive intentions, Reiki healing energy, and a whole lotta love.


Comes with a card describing the stone's properties, dried lavender for peaceful travels, and sage leaves that you can burn to cleanse the stone. Lovingly packaged in a recycled sari pouch.


***About Personalized Reiki Energy***


As I create, I channel Reiki Healing Energy into the crystal. I cleanse it of all previously absorbed energy, and focus my intention on the crystal radiating at it's highest possible vibration for the person it's meant to be with. This is the general energy I infuse into my creations.


If you would like a specific focused intention set into your crystal (ex. confidence, emotional healing, physical healing, love, etc.), I would be more than happy to create time for you. After placing your order, please contact me to reach out and let me know that you are interested in Personalized Reiki Intentions. From there, we can talk and you can open up and share your thoughts and intentions so that we may work together on your needs and desires. I will sit with and personalize the Reiki healing energy before sending it off to be carried by you.


All personalized orders and private communications are just that; private. Trust that I will hold space for you, and your words will be kept unspoken within my heart.


***Payment for Personalized Reiki Intentions can be made through PayPal or Cash App only - $15 for correspondences and 20 minute session***


It's about setting your intentions <3

Blue Apatite & Sandalwood ~ Clarity, Visions & Past Lives ~ Third Eye Chakra


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