This bracelet carries natural gemstone beads of:


Garnet –  Root Chakra - I Am

Carnelian – Sacral Chakra - I Feel

Yellow Jade – Solar Plexus Chakra - I Do

Green Aventurine – Heart Chakra - I Love

Amazonite – Throat Chakra - I Speak

Lapis Lazuli – Third Eye Chakra - I See

Amethyst – Crown Chakra - I Understand


Surrounded by the grounding and protective energies of Smoky Quartz, and adorned with a Buddha Accent.


As I create, I channel Reiki Healing Energy into the crystals. I cleanse them of all previously absorbed energy, and focus my intention on the crystals radiating at their highest possible vibrations for the person they're meant to be with.

Your bracelet will receive a sage smoke blessing and a refreshing charge of Reiki healing energy right before it is lovingly packaged in a recycled silk sari pouch and sent home to you. It will come with a description card, dried lavender to invoke peaceful travels through the mail, and sage leaves that you can burn for your cleansings and blessings.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions... I am here for you! Contact Me


It's about setting your intentions <3

Chakra Balancing & Energetic Protection Bracelet

  • To help maintain the strength of your bracelet, roll it on & off of your wrist, stretching it as little as possible.