Chakras are spirals of energy within our bodies. Our subtle energy field interacts with our physical body by flowing through these energy spirals, otherwise known as Wheels of Light. We have seven major chakras that flow & interact with our glands, organs & lymphatic system. I focus on three additional chakras in this set. When our chakras are flowing freely, we are generally happy & healthy. When they are not, we can experience all sorts of discomfort & dis-ease. Negative experiences & emotions, trauma, environmental factors, stagnant & repressed feelings & energy... there are so many things & all sorts of experiences that can cause a chakra to slow down, close itself off, or even become overactive. It's important to take the time to go within; listen to what your body & soul is whispering (or screaming!) & see where & why you may be out of balance. We all are from time to time!


Earth Star Chakra

Location – about 6” below your feet; in your auric field

Color – black & brown

Crystal – Black Tourmaline – emotional stability; connection to the Earth; helps negativity, victim mentality, anxiety, & embarrassment; psychic shield; neutralizes internal conflicts

Signs of Balance – grounded; secure

Signs of Imbalance – disconnected; flighty; insecure

Root Chakra

Location – the base of your spine

Color – red

Crystal – Red Jasper – responsibility; moving forward; empowering; clears the mind for meditation; alleviates stress; grounding; passion

Signs of Balance – grounded; safe; content

Signs of Imbalance – fearful; confused; unclear of your purpose

Sacral Chakra

Location – slightly below your naval

Color – orange

Crystal – Carnelian – creativity; emotional harmony; sexual energy; opens your personality; strengthens personal satisfaction; motivation; endurance

Signs of Balance – creative flow; healthy sexual desire; positive outlook

Signs of Imbalance – sexual problems; fear of sexual/emotional intimacy; needy or withdrawn

Solar Plexus Chakra

Location – slightly above your naval

Color – yellow

Crystal – Citrine – promotes abundance, prosperity & wealth; helps with decision making, learning & problem solving; self-esteem; control anger & rid your body of emotional toxins

Signs of Balance – confidence; calm demeanor; patient; comfortable in your own skin

Signs of Imbalance – low self-esteem; egotistical; feeling abandoned or rejected; nervousness; addictive behaviors

Heart Chakra

Location – directly surrounding your heart

Color – green

Crystal – Green Aventurine – the release of unhealthy relationships & old patterns; personal growth; optimism; inner harmony & balance; calms nerves & stress; soothes emotional wounds; embrace change

Signs of Balance – able to express love; compassionate & giving; joyful; content

Signs of Imbalance – selfish; jealous; hateful; depressed

Higher Heart Chakra

Location – between your heart & throat chakra; your Thymus gland

Color – pink

Crystal – Rose Quartz – stimulates self-healing; pure light & love; purifies & opens the Heart Chakra; invokes self-trust & self-worth; heals emotional wounds; promotes inner-peace, kindness, & love for friends & family

Signs of Balance – self-love; forgiveness towards yourself & others; true compassion & a desire to help & heal

Signs of Imbalance – unable to give or receive unconditional love; excessive loneliness

Throat Chakra

Location – neck/throat area

Color – blue

Crystal – Kyanite – high vibration & rapid transfer of energy; enhances telepathic & psychic abilities; aligns Chakras & Subtle Bodies; promotes feelings of tranquility & calmness; inspires loyalty & fair treatment; self-expression & speaking your truth; recognizing your uniqueness

Signs of Balance – expressive; effective communication skills; good listener; honest

Signs of Imbalance – afraid to speak up/represses feelings; verbal outbursts; deceitful; manipulative; shy or talks excessively; unable to listen

Third Eye Chakra

Location – middle of your forehead

Color – indigo

Crystal – Dumortierite – brings quiet confidence; patience; helps you to find solutions & bring order to chaos; deeper communication and connection with your spirit guides; honor & respect all aspects of yourself

Signs of Balance – intuitive; common sense; clear memory; a sense of spirituality

Signs of Imbalance – non-sympathetic; judgmental; lacks common sense & intuition; forgetful; sleep/dream/nightmare issues

Crown Chakra

Location – at the very top/center of your head

Color – violet, clear, & white

Crystal – Amethyst – alleviates obsessions & cravings; calms anger, nerves, & tension; reality of cause & effect in behavior; initiates wisdom & greater understanding; self-illumination & a connection to the Divine; shield of light; dream-work

Signs of Balance – balanced spiritual life; life has purpose; wise; insightful; connection with others & a higher power

Signs of Imbalance – unspiritual/unbalanced spirituality; unclear of life or purpose; possessing a “God-complex”; excessive fear of death

Soul Star Chakra

Location – about 6” above your head; in your auric field

Color – clear & white

Crystals – Quartz – a “feel better” crystal; energizes and focuses the body and mind; channels energy of all other crystals; meditation; deep soul cleanser; increases awareness and mental clarity; harmonizes all of the Chakras

And Selenite – pure light & love; shields from outside influences; invokes protection from the Angelic realm; removes energy blockages; helps one connect with their Higher-Self & Spirit Guides; spiritual growth; past & future lives; brings peace & tranquility; a link to your Lightbody

Signs of Balance – spiritual cleansing & healing; divine love; spiritual abilities; enlightenment;

Signs of Imbalance – feeling unloved by or angry at our creator; ruled by fear & ego


My suggestion is to start with lighting the sage to burn away all energy in & around you that no longer serves you. Take a few deep breaths. Real ones, deep into your belly. Expand, get comfortable, & allow yourself to take up space. Ground yourself. When your breathing becomes slow & steady you could a.) lay down and place each stone onto its corresponding chakra, or b.) hold each stone individually. Starting from your Earth Star chakra, envision the color bright & vibrant, growing, spinning gently, healing - wherever your mind's eye takes you. Work your way up through each chakra & each stone.

Carry your stones with you. One, or all of them! Whatever one is calling you. Sleep with them in your pillowcase, leave one in your car, or even pop that rose quartz right into your bra! What's important is that you mingle energies with them. Set your intentions into your crystals. Cleanse them & yourself with sage whenever you feel you'd like to. Always listen to & trust your intuition. Care for your crystals & most importantly, care for yourself.


This kit comes with everything pictured & a card describing everything above.


Photo is for reference only. Your kit will come with everything pictured and mentioned above, but the exact stones, sage, and shell may vary.

Chakra Cleansing & Balancing Kit


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