Trust that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Charoite is a stone that assists you in the here and now. It creates a union between your heart and crown chakras, grounding spiritual energy and unconditional love together within you, while also stimulating your earth star, root, solar plexus, third eye, and soul star chakras. It aids you in discriminating between what is real and what the mind has created, allowing you to put things into perspective and see through a spirit of unconditional love, compassion, and acceptance. Charoite is a powerful teacher for inner work. Known as an energetic mirror, it will help you overcome negative behavior, self-sabotage, and resistance to growth. Charoite strengthens your intuitive and psychic abilities, clears negativity, and is an ally for your inner healing.


Affirmation from Naisha Ahsian - “I ask for the revelation of my highest path of service, and I embrace it fully, knowing I am protected from all harm.”


Pendant Size - 1.15" x 2.15"

Copper Wire - color coated, nickel free

Your choice of a 14-30” length silver or gunmetal chain, or adjustable satin (black), suede (black or gray), or leather (black) cord. ***Please specify in Custom Text Field. If left blank, I will intuitively choose for you.***


Comes with a card describing the stone's properties, dried lavender for peaceful travels, and sage leaves that you can burn to cleanse the stone. Lovingly packaged in a recycled silk sari pouch.


As I create, I channel Reiki Healing Energy into the crystal. I cleanse it of all previously absorbed energy, and focus my intention on the crystal radiating at its highest possible vibration for the person it's meant to be with.


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It's about setting your intentions <3

Charoite ~ Union, Intuition, Healing, and Growth ~ Lower & Higher Chakras


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