Himalayan Rope Incense - All Natural Sandalwood Powder Hand-Wrapped in Rice Paper



  • strengthens and enhances one's spiritual essence
  • invites the energy and presence of Gods and Goddesses
  • offered as a blessing during prayer and ceremony
  • brings in a grounded and stabilized sense of being
  • useful for meditation and connecting with the Divine
  • calms your mind and nervous system
  • useful for insomnia, nervousness, tension, and anxiety


This is a traditional Nepalese rope incense (Joss-sticks), handmade by Nepali women by twisting Sandalwood powder into Nepali rice paper.


    You will receive one bag of incense which contains 20 - 3" ropes and an incense burner.


    Himalayan Sandalwood Rope Incense - Divinity, Ceremony, Presence