Quite literally a stone of roots, Indonesian Fossilized Palm Root consists of 20 million year old crystallized organic matter that carries an incredibly strong connection to our ancestral roots and our relationship with nature. It holds potent Earth medicine and helps you to clear stagnant energy that may be lurking within your system, allowing it to drain down and out through your Earth Star Chakra, feeding it into the Earth like compost so that it may be transmuted into something clean and new. Working and meditating with the ancient energies that this stone carries helps to teach you to trust the flow of life and evolution, and that patience is key to slow, steady, and healthy growth.


Indonesian Fossilized Palm Root carries a nurturing energy that puts you in touch with your inherent strength and your ability and right to feel safe and secure within this world. It holds ancient knowledge that can assist you with recalling past lives, in turn helping you to clear karmic debris, transform past weaknesses into new strengths, and overcome limiting emotional patterns handed down through your ancestors.


As I create, I channel Reiki healing energy into the crystal. I cleanse it of all previously absorbed energy, and focus my intention on the crystal radiating at its highest possible vibration for the person it's meant to be with.


After my creation process, each jewelry piece spends a few days on a crystal of its choice before I offer it to you - a quiet resting place so to speak, after the pestering it endures while being crafted. This Palm Root necklace chose to spend its time with a large chunk of Black Tourmaline. Black Tourmaline is a stone of purification and protection.


Your necklace will receive a sage smoke blessing and a refreshing boost of Reiki right before it is lovingly packaged in a recycled silk sari pouch and sent home to you. It will come with a card describing the qualities of the stone, dried lavender to invoke peaceful travels through the mail, and sage leaves that you can burn for your cleansings and blessings.


Pendant Size - 1.25" x 2"

18-46" adjustable suede cord w/ brass buddha accents

Copper Wire - The anti-tarnish colored coating on this wire helps to prevent the dreaded green skin discoloration that often accompanies bare copper jewelry.


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It's about setting your intentions <3

Indonesian Fossilized Palm Root Necklace - Growth, Patience & Ancient Knowledge