Kambaba Jasper is my most favorite of the Jasper family. It's such a funky, feel-good stone, and I find it to be remarkably visually stimulating - great for those of you who like to travel into your stones. Its makeup is rather unique, composed of microcrystalline quartz interlaced with Stromatolites - fossilized colonies formed by blue-green algae and primeval microorganisms. We're talking fossils that are .5 to 3 billion years old. These stones carry ancient secrets and the origins of life on our planet.


Kambaba Jasper is an ally to your emotional body. It helps you to navigate through emotional upheaval as it resolves blockages and helps you to balance and heal your heart chakra. It radiates a pleasant, nurturing energy that invites in feelings of compassion, patience, humility, and generosity. Meditating with Kambaba Jasper will help you connect to and draw upon the wisdom of the ancestral energies held within the stone.


Your intuitively chosen stone will receive a sage smoke blessing and will be charged with the vibrations of my heart chakra singing bowl and Reiki healing energy before it is lovingly packaged and sent home to you.

Kambaba Jasper - Ancient Wisdom, Emotional Healing, Origins of Life

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