Keywords - Inner Vision, Truthful Communication, Royal Virtues


Elemental Connection - Wind


Associated Chakras - Throat & Third Eye


Spiritual - Lapis Lazuli awakens the third eye and enhances one's ability to visualize and receive visual guidance or information. It enhances meditative journeys and facilitates past and alternate life viewing. It is a stone for clairvoyance and precognition.


Emotional - Lapis Lazuli helps one move one's consciousness beyond the mundane and allows one to identify habits, patterns and lessons one may have difficulty perceiving consciously, and which may be blocking one from making spiritual progress.


Affirmation - I claim the sovereignty and power of my highest self, and I align myself with my highest truth.


Above information is quoted from The Book of Stones, by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian


Size - .75" - 1"


Your intuitively chosen stone will receive a sage smoke blessing and will be charged with the vibrations of my heart chakra singing bowl and Reiki healing energy before it is lovingly packaged and sent home to you.

Lapis Lazuli - Inner Vision, Truthful Communication, Royal Virtues