Mookaite Jasper ~ Thought, Love, Teacher, Truth


Do you ever feel like you've lost your ability to feel, give and receive love? Heartbroken, depressed, defeated, disconnected, grieving, regretting, walls are up, etc etc. It's a painful state of being, stuck with this empty space within you, feeling incomplete, insufficient, fragmented. A huge part of our purpose here on earth, our purpose for living and being human, is to love. To give love to ourselves and others. To receive and accept love. To put love into everything we say and do. To radiate love out into the universe and feel the universal love that is available to all of us. But when we've disconnected from our ability to feel love, to give or receive love (and it happens to all of us for various reasons at all different times), it can cause us to lose our purpose in being. It can lead us to become trapped in a lower state of consciousness, attracting dis-ease and unwanted energy, people, and situations.


This Mookaite Jasper is here to help you shift your thoughts and energy back into love. To help you reconnect, trust, and start to feel whole and healthy again. Radiating with nourishing mother earth energy, this stone will remind you of your own capacity to nurture and love both yourself and others, as well as reminding you that you are worthy of love. As it fills your being with supportive energy, it will gently assist you in discovering the truth behind your emotional behaviors, thoughts, and patterns, helping you to better understand yourself and move into a more compassionate and loving state of awareness and being.


Pictured ~ Bral Talej Divination Cards, called upon to seek out the inherent energies within this stone.


Comes with a card describing the stone's intentions, dried lavender for peaceful travels, and sage leaves that you can burn to cleanse the stone. Lovingly packaged in a recycled silk sari pouch.


Pendant Size - 1.25" x 2.25"

Copper Wire - color coated, nickel free

Adjustable Brown Suede Cord with Soapstone Accents


As I create, I channel Reiki Healing Energy into the crystal. I cleanse it of all previously absorbed energy, and focus my intention on the crystal radiating at its highest possible vibration for the person it's meant to be with.


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Mookaite Jasper ~ Thought, Love, Teacher, Truth