This Moonstone and Herkimer Diamond Goddess is here to help you release deep, emotional pain and trauma. She is here to clear the dark, dense clouds of energy within, delivering a pastel rainbow of cleansing light that cascades down through your crown chakra and circulates throughout your body. There is a gentle, nourishing vibration within this goddess that encourages you to place your hands upon your heart and bow your head in silence as you allow yourself to feel the unconditional love that illuminates from deep within your soul. This divine love brings healing, comfort, and peace.


As I create, I channel Reiki healing energy into the crystal. I cleanse it of all previously absorbed energy, and focus my intention on the crystal radiating at its highest possible vibration for the person it's meant to be with.


Your necklace will receive a sage smoke blessing and a final refreshing boost of Reiki right before it is lovingly packaged in a recycled silk sari pouch and sent home to you. It will come with a description card, dried lavender to invoke peaceful travels through the mail, and sage leaves that you can burn for your cleansings and blessings.


Polymer Clay

Pendant Size - 1.85” x 1.5”

Adjustable Black Satin Cord


Please feel free to reach out with any questions... I am here for you! Contact Me


It's about setting your intentions <3

Moonstone & Herkimer Diamond Goddess Necklace - Release & Divine Love