Rose Quartz works in harmony with your heart chakra. It carries a sweet and gentle energy that brings you comfort, especially in times of crisis and when feeling emotionally wounded. Its vibrations tenderly wrap around you, surrounding you in the presence of the purest most unconditional Divine Love. It leads you on a journey towards rediscovering and loving yourself. Rose Quartz will hold your hand as you work to release toxic emotional weight, fear, anxiety, and anger. It encourages you to forgive (both others and yourself), and it opens your heart to receiving and sharing the blessings of love, compassion, generosity, and emotional healing.


Your choice palm stone will receive a sage smoke blessing and will be charged with the vibrations of my heart chakra singing bowl and Reiki healing energy before it is lovingly packaged and sent home to you. It will come in a recycled silk sari pouch along with dried lavender to invoke peaceful travels through the mail, and sage leaves that you can burn for your cleansings and blessings.


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Rose Quartz Palm Stone - Self-Love & Emotional Healing

PriceFrom $10.00