Satin Spar Selenite is connected with Selene, Goddess of the Moon. And just like the Moon, it displays an ethereal radiance that reflects a pure beam of white light into any environment in which it rests. Resonating with your higher chakras, it inspires peace, clarity of thought, flexibility, insight, and a restored focus. When held close to your body, it assists with connecting you to your spirit guides and your higher self; an excellent stone to use during meditation. Satin Spar Selenite is a purifying crystal that cleanses your auric field of residual energy that no longer serves you, clearing blockages and dense energy to allow illuminated energy to flow more freely through and around you.


I absolutely love Satin Spar Selenite. I compare it to Epsom salt, as I can feel it pulling out the energetic sludge that lingers in my system. It leaves me feeling lighter, with a clear mind and clean thoughts. I like to sleep with a Satin Spar stick under my pillow to help me awaken with a fresh mind. I will also lay them upon any chakra that feels as though it needs a little extra cleansing. Meditating with one of these Satin Spar palm stones in each hand is an effective way to circulate high-vibrational Light energy into and around your entire Being, while also giving individual attention to your hand chakras. This is especially beneficial for energy workers, those who feel (or are working towards feeling) vibrational frequencies of crystals and other energies through their hands, people who frequently work with their hands, and those who express their creativity with their hands. Plus, simply put, these beauties are incredibly soothing and comfortable to hold on to.


Size - approximately 3"


Your intuitively chosen stone will receive a sage smoke blessing and will be charged with the vibrations of my heart chakra singing bowl and Reiki healing energy before it is lovingly packaged and sent home to you.

Satin Spar Selenite Palm Stone - Cleansing, Releasing, Spiritual Light