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Made to nourish & moisturize your skin with olive oil, organic coconut oil, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil & castor oil.


Essential Oils

Sweet Orange – enhances focus, revitalizing & uplifting; good for dull & congested skin, inflammation, circulation & collagen production.

Vanilla – promotes feelings of happiness, contentment & tranquility; good for wise skin, anti-inflammatory & rich in antioxidants that stimulate & repair your skin.

Cinnamon – warms your soul, ignites your passions & raises your vibrations; good for acne, scars, circulation, anti-fungal & anti-bacterial properties, rich in antioxidants.

Organic orange peel powder for exfoliation, toning & a healthy glow.


Infused with positive intentions, Reiki healing energy & lots of love!


Bar Size Approximately - 2.75" x 1.75" x 1.25", 4.5oz

Due to the hand-cut nature of this item, sizes may vary ever so slightly.


*** Cinnamon essential oil may be irritating to sensitive facial skin. ***


If ordering multiple soap bars, priority mail may be your most cost efficient choice - double check at the checkout. If you're local to Berkshire County, hand-to-hand sales may be available - please feel free to contact me to inquire.

Simply Delicious Soap

  • 100% Natural and Vegan Cold Processed Soaps

    I create these nourishing bars with high-quality essential oils, herbs, and flowers that are specifically chosen for their physical, emotional, and spiritual properties. The oils and butters that I use are rich with vitamins and emollients, and I formulate my recipes to fulfill my desire to have a soap that acts as a cleansing agent, moisturizer, and skin conditioner all balanced into one. My soaps will leave your skin feeling clean, refreshed, and healthy – radiating on the outside just as much as you do on the inside!

    The majority of the soaps that I create are face friendly and contain ingredients that are beneficial for sensitive skin, acne, scars, and wise skin - unless otherwise noted.

    No detergents, toxic chemicals, artificial scents or coloring are used in my recipes. Our skin is our largest organ, and everything we put on it is absorbed into our bodies, into our blood, into our sacred personal temples. I keep my recipes clean. They are made through a process called Saponification – a reaction in which the building blocks of fats and oils (triglycerides) react with lye (sodium hydroxide), transforming into glycerin and soap. Glycerin replenishes and nurtures your skin. It is found naturally within your skin and helps to establish balance and hydration. My soaps are safe for the environment, good for your skin, and I create them to be incredibly moisturizing.

    Cold process soap typically cures for 4-6 weeks or longer. The longer the soap cures, the harder the bar will be, and the longer it will last. All of my soaps cure for at least 4 weeks before I make them available to you. Keeping your soap bar dry between uses will help it last longer.

  • External use only. Some individuals experience skin sensitivities with essential oils. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician before use. Avoid contact with eyes. This disclaimer acts as the explicit waiver of any liability of me as an Independent Seller. Information provided is based on individual experiences, research, ideas and opinions.

Worthy Of Love Healing

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