The practice of smudging is seen as a way to bring in positive energies and dispel negative/stagnant ones. Your intentions and the smoke (from burning sage, frankincense, palo santo, etc.) clears and cleanses, washing away unwanted energies that may be clinging to a space, object, or person. Feathers (representing the element of Air) are often used to guide the smoke where desired.


Selenite Wand - Selenite, a crystal of purity and white light, is linked with Selene, Goddess of the Moon. Working with your Crown Chakra, it is known to bring mental clarity, deep peace, and tranquility. When held close to your body, Selenite may help with connecting you to your Spirit Guides, your Higher Self.


Eudialyte Accent - Eudialyte is a variety of pink Garnet, often intermingled with other minerals. It resonates with your Heart Chakra. It's gentle energy helps with emotional release and opening the heart for giving and receiving love. Eudialyte promotes self-love and forgiveness.

The Spiral - Your journey and the flow of energy <3


Size - 10" Tall

***Shell and Sage Not Included***

Smudge Fan - Selenite & Eudialyte


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