A bundle of goodies to help you let go, and to help balance your physical, mental, and emotional bodies.


This set includes...


One Lepidolite Crystal - approximately 2"

To help you release stress, worry, fear, grief, and other traumatic emotional weight. To bring balance to your emotional body, calm your mind, and carry you into a state of enlightened awareness.


Two Hematite Crystals - approximately 1" each

Good for strength, courage, mental processes, and bringing you back into your body. To help you ground and connect into the soul of the earth.


One package of Original Tara Healing Incense - 15 sticks

An Ayurvedic inhalant for relieving stress, tension, and depression.

To transport you into a quiet, peaceful state of awareness, allowing you to gently settle into the present moment.


A description card with the qualities of the stones and incense listed on one side, and a self-guided meditation on the other. This is an uncomplicated meditation that I wrote, with my intentions being that you will be able to read through it a few times and then easily guide yourself through the meditation thereafter.


This set is lovingly packaged in a recycled silk sari pouch and a larger purple satin bag.


* Images are for reference only. You may not receive the exact set that you see in the photographs.

Stress Relief Crystal Meditation Set