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Lift your spirits and welcome harmony into your heart with this Reiki and crystal infused healing oil. The sensual aroma of rose dances with a warming vanilla scent, with subtle undertones of wood and sweet citrus.


All of the oils and crystals in this blend were intentionally chosen for their specific healing properties. - see below.


Created with 100% pure, quality essential oils, sourced from their native and natural environments so they carry their true therapeutic properties. Blended into a carrier of Jojoba oil, which is soothing, healing, anti-inflammatory, rich in vitamins A and E, and non-comedogenic.

Apply to pulse points on your wrists, neck, temples, and to the front and back of your heart chakra... Or anywhere your intuition guides you.


Essential Oils

  • Rose – stimulates circulation; reduces stress and nervous tension; alleviates depression; promotes feelings of well being, harmony, and peace upon your spirit; calming; gently inspires positive emotions.

  • Benzoin – happiness; purification; relieves stress and nervous tension; warms the heart; creates a padded zone between us and events.

  • Rosewood – sedating or stimulating according to your needs; adaptability; alleviates frigidity, nervous tension, depression, and stress.

  • Bergamot – calming and soothing; promotes the ability to let things go; lifts your spirit; relieves anxiety and depression; revitalizing and uplifting.



  • Rose Quartz – self-love; forgiveness; love for others; soothing and warming to your heart and emotions.

  • Green Aventurine – relief from depression and grief; protects, calms, and soothes your emotions.

  • Peridot – positive mental health and healing; relief from stress, anger, and emotional blockages.

  • Clear Quartz – calms your nervous system; clears, heals, and removes negative energy; brings clarity to your mind and heart; refreshing and revitalizing.

  • Amethyst – physical, emotional, and mental balance; mind, body, and spiritual healing; detoxifying; calms nerves, tension, emotional energy, and grief.

  • Herkimer Diamond – detoxifying and purifying; releases fear and tension; cleanses your aura; radiates pure white light; magnifies energy of other crystals.



Goddess Guidance Oracle Card by Doreen Virtue
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Uplifting & Heart Warming Healing Oil

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  • External use only. Some individuals, especially children, experience possible skin sensitivities with essential oils. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes. This disclaimer acts as the explicit waiver of any liability of me as an Independent Seller. Information provided is based on individual experiences, research, ideas and opinions.

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