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About Me


My Mission

    Among many things, I am a wise woman. I am a mother, a business owner, a Reiki Master, an artisan, a Lightworker, a witch, a crystal enthusiast, a teacher, and a conduit for healing.

​   I am an extremely sensitive soul and my emotions run deep into the core of my Being. I spend a lot of time in silence; learning about myself, connecting with my heart and soul, connecting and speaking with Spirit, Mother Earth, and the Dreamworld. I believe in the powers of surrender, manifestation, forgiveness, and faith. I also spend time in the darkness; exploring my shadows, nurturing my demons, learning from my pain. I practice sound healing, color therapy, and I frequently can be found having private dance parties in my kitchen - my favorite way to transmute and manifest energy. I believe in astrology (I am a Scorpio sun, Leo moon, and Capricorn rising) and past lives, and I am a certified Akashic Record reader. I work with the Tarot, oracle cards, Lenormand fortune telling cards, and the Bral Talej divination cards for guidance. I am an empath, I honor my intuition, and I call upon my gifts while I am creating. I infuse everything that I create with Reiki healing energy, some serious intentions, and a whole lot of love.

   A note about my jewelry -  I connect with everything I make on a deeply personal level. I don't create just jewelry. I create healing tools, personal power talismans, high-vibration wearable art that is intended to help guide you towards your highest state of being. My intentions aren't to just sell you a piece of jewelry. My intentions are to build a connection with you, to help you build a deeper connection with yourself. My intentions are to offer you inspiration, and a bridge to help unite you to Spirit, to the Divine, to your Essence.

   I ebb and I flow just like you. I am always learning and growing. And as I grow, as I expanded my awareness and my connections with the natural, energetic powers and practices that are available to me, to all of us, I heal. I heal myself, my past, and what I've carried from my ancestors and past lives. I bring Light into myself today, and to my future self. My hope, my mission, my purpose, is to bring this Light to you as well. To help guide you towards this feeling of wholeness that we all desire, that we are all worthy of. I want to share myself and my gifts with you, so that I may help to bring peace and love into your mind, heart, and soul. That I may help you to make a stronger connection with your truest, highest self. I would like to offer you my intentions, a deep breath, clarity, acceptance, healing, comfort, relief, relaxation, change, support, guidance, a healthy flow of energy, and Love.


We are all walking our own paths. Each and every one of us a unique Soul made of Light, Energy, and Love.

We are emotion, we are truth, we are real, we are connected, we are Worthy.

With all of my appreciation, energy, and love,


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