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Worthy Of Love Healing

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August 6, 2022


My vulva necklace with moonstone and rose quartz is even better in person- I love it. The weight and quality are fabulous, feels really good in my hand, not fragile but not so heavy that it's uncomfortable. I love the receipt and packing also- 100% will be back for more in future! Tysm! Cheers, take breaks, drink water, love yourself. 💕


July 11, 2022


Purchased the Aquarius sacred soap. I absolutely love it. Amazing! The scent, feel, and energy are incredible. Love, love, love! Thank you 😘


May 8, 2022


I have purchased 3 pieces so far. Each one unique and beautiful. The healing energy was felt the minute I opened each customized package. Amanda takes the time to individualize each package just as she does with each piece. I am so happy with each piece and will continue to support worthy of love and healing. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art and loving energy.


April 14, 2022


The piece I bought called to me I knew when I saw a Mermaid,Tree Goddess and an Angel that I had to have it! ❤️❤️❤️


April 14, 2022


My experience with worthy of love, healing and Amanda has been an absolutely beautiful and nourishing experience. I couldn't give a higher recommendation for a business and honestly words fail to capture the depth of love and quality here so you'll just have to find out for yourself. You're life is sure to grow towards love and peace. Thanks Amanda for your brilliant work and service! Your are a true gem ✨🙏❣️


March 31, 2022


I absolutely love it! You are so very talented! Thank you!


March 2, 2022


The amethyst ring I purchased was beyond my expectations. it is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. The communication with Amanda and care and love put into making this piece was outstanding.


February 24, 2022


I just ordered two more jewlery pieces after quickly receiving my first and being pleased beyond measure. There is so much care put into each piece, you can feel it.


January 26, 2022


Love infused handmade jewelry!  I cherish every piece I have been lucky enough to purchase.  Amanda’s skill and talent honors the crystals and metals she works with to create exquisite unique pieces with intention to bring more peace and healing into the world.   The packaging is personalized with the sweetness receiving a gift from a beloved friend. If you pursue deep connections, quality artistry, and high vibrational frequencies -  Amanda will help you find that which you seek.


October 19, 2021


Knew it when I saw it, felt like it was destined to land in my hands! You know how to run this business!

September 27, 2021


I am so grateful to have several pieces from Amanda that are filled with so much beauty and beautiful energy. From the small details in each piece to the little touches in the packaging, I cannot say enough good things about not only her work but her incredible energy ❤️


August 21, 2021


There are not enough hearts or stars to give to express my admiration and gratitude for each and every piece that I purchase from Amanda. She really is so talented. Anytime someone asks me where I get my jewelry, I am beyond eager to give them her information. I've said this more than once, I love how uniquely created each one of her pieces are! ONE OF A KIND. I'm always telling myself I need to slow down my buying and then BOOM another beautiful piece made by Amanda that I absolutely need or I may combust. LOVE LOVE LOVE her work and her beautiful energy/soul. Truly a goddess.


June 20, 2021


Amanda has a beautiful soul full of love and light. Every piece she makes and every piece I have purchased are so uniquely beautiful. The energy that radiates off each thing I have purchased is magical. The more I purchase, the more I know it won't be the last. I love when someone asks where I got one of my pieces and I tell them of Amanda. Not only is she incredibly talented artist wise, she has such a pure soul. I am so glad our paths have crossed and I am able to experience her sweet kindness. Warm, loving, inspiring energy. Even my husband is always amazed by the stuff I get!

June 10, 2021


I wish there was more than 5 stars to give because I'd give a billion! I am always so happy with my purchases! They came so quick and radiate love & light. Everything is so beautiful and makes me wanting more 💞


April 23, 2021

My soaps were packaged well, shipped in a timely manner, and smell so amazing!!


March 17, 2021

I've gotten several pieces and they're al all beautifully made. Just received my 3rd order today and it will not be my last! Such time and care is taken in each piece from the inception to packaging ♥️ wonderful for yourself or a gift for another!


January 11, 2021

Amanda has made a few custom pieces of jewelry for me and truly uses her intuition when creating. Each piece is so beautifully thought out and her manner of working with the crystals also shows in the care and time she takes. I LOVE my aquamarine empowerment ring and would recommend her for any custom jewelry work. Not only is her work physically beautiful but also carries a wonderful energetic resonance.


December 16, 2019

Amanda’s work is really exceptional!


December 5, 2019

I have gotten several pieces from Amanda, as have my Mom and sister, and they were hands down, bar none to all the others I/we have seen out there and for a couple reasons...she is incredibly talented and she has instilled beautiful reiki healing in each of her pieces. Not only is Amanda a beautiful soul, she shares that in every piece she makes. I am blessed to own a few and my collection will not stop there. I highly recommend her and her incredibly skilled, beauty instilled jewelry to everyone who wants that in their life. We, my Mom, sister and I are truly blessed with her take on each blessing she brings to each masterpiece that cmomes from her heart. She is a true gem, not to mention an artisan and craftsman.


December 4, 2019

❤️ Amanda and her Worthy of Love Healing creations are exceptionally amazing! ❤️


December 4, 2019

Amanda’s products are amazing, made with such love and intention, and she really knows her s@#t! I have purposely chosen products by her descriptions of their strengths and intents. You will not be disappointed!
Plus she is sweet as can be! ☯️💜☮️. And the prices are great!😜


June 5, 2019

Amanda is SUCH a beautiful soul. She has helped me immensely w crystal and energy knowledge, reiki work, making beautiful jewelry pieces for me and loved ones and being an amazing impact on my life overall. Her work is so pure and from the heart, please support her business! We all deserve to do what we love in this world as our life paths, bless Amanda for following her hearts path and helping me to learn how to heal myself and others! 100% recommend her services, do yaself a favor and check out her jewelry and energy work out!!!



May 11, 2019

I've had several cabachons wrapped for pendants by Amanda. She really goes out of her way to wrap the stones in a style that appeals to your personal taste. Her work is meticulous. Whether you have your own stone that needs wrapping, or you choose something from Amanda's inventory she always does a beautiful job and you're sure to love the results.


May 9, 2019

I have a few of Amanda's pieces and each one holds a special meaning for me! You can feel the loving energy she puts into each piece, and she's so thoughtful about each design. I have a stone that she wrapped to look like a tree, and she hid a tiny heart in the branches!! I would highly recommend her work. It's a beautiful reminder that you're worthy of love!!


January 15, 2019

I recently bought a couple beaded bracelets that were infused with reiki, let me just tell you they are EVERYTHING! I’ve been way less stressed and anxious, I would recommend them to anyone! 🖤

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