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All About Crystals

I fully believe in all things magical, but I also have a very analytical mind. I love science, and I like to know the how and why behind the scene of things. Below you will find a mixture of the mystical and logistical meaning behind the energy of crystals and how you can work with them. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

Crystal Healing... Where did all of this knowledge come from?

It's fair to say that as long as we have existed as a species, we have had an affinity with stones and crystals. The use of gemstone talismans and amulets dates back to the beginnings of humankind. 

The first historical references to the use of crystals come from the Ancient Sumerians who included crystals in their magic formulas. The use of crystals for healing in traditional Chinese medicine dates back over 5.000 years and is still used to this day. The Ancient Egyptians used stones primarily for protection and health. Green-colored stones were used to represent the heart of the deceased and were included in burials. The Ancient Greeks attributed a number of properties to crystals and many names we use today are of Greek origin. The word crystal comes from the Greek word for ice, as it was believed that clear quartz was water that had frozen so deeply that it would forever remain solid. The word amethyst means "not drunken", and it was worn as an amulet to prevent both drunkenness and hangovers. Hematite is an iron ore that the ancient Greeks associated with Aries, the god of war, and Greek soldiers would rub hematite over their bodies before battle to make themselves invincible.

Throughout history, traditions, religions, and a vast amount of experiences, experimentation, and channeling, crystals continue to be recognized as meaningful, purposeful, healing, and magical gifts from Mother Earth.

What are crystals, and how do they work?

Crystals are a solid material made up of ions, atoms, and molecules that are arranged in a repeating pattern. They form when gas or liquid solutions are at the correct temperature and pressure, and once their crystallization process is complete, they can remain unchanged for millions of years. They are the most organized and stable matter in the Universe. Crystals have inherent order within them and they can maintain a constant electromagnetic signature.

Crystals exhibit two noteworthy properties that correlate to how we as humans can interact with their energy:

Piezoelectricity – the quality where electricity (and sometimes light) is produced by compression.

Example: Quartz vibrates at 60 hertz (60 times per second) so it is used in watches to keep accurate time.

Pyroelectricity – the quality of an electrified state or polarity which is produced by, and changes with, variations in temperature.

Because of these two characteristics, crystals vibrate in a measurable way. They are conductors, generating a current which can both absorb and produce light, heat, expansion, and contraction. Human bodies also produce heat, light, and measurable electromagnetic pulses. When working with crystals, we activate these measurable characteristics, and they activate the same within us.

Choosing Your Crystals

Intuition and Feeling – Let your intuition guide you! You don't have to know the name of a crystal or its properties in order to choose it. Sometimes a crystal will actually choose you! If you are drawn to a stone, pick it up. How does it feel? Notice any physical sensations that may arise. Do any emotions surface? Note its name and then read about its properties. You probably won't be surprised when you discover how well it resonates with you. Or don't read about its properties! Sit and meditate with your crystal and let it tell you what it's there for.

Sight – Close your eyes and take a few grounding breaths. Open your eyes and pick up the very first crystal that you see.

Body Dowsing – This is where you use your body as a pendulum. Pick up the crystal that you feel is calling to you, and hold it in your receptive (non-dominant) hand. Or, visualize the crystal that you are curious about. Close your eyes and take a few grounding breaths. Ask yourself if this crystal is meant for you. However slight it may be, notice which way your body sways. For example, my body sways forward for a yes, and backward for a no. You can determine your yes and no by simply asking yourself a couple of questions that you already know the answers to, and notice which way your body moves to those questions. Trust what your body tells you, as it knows you best.

Chakras and their Corresponding Crystals

Chakras are spirals of energy within our bodies. The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit language, and it translates to "Wheel of Light". Our subtle energy field interacts with our physical body by flowing through these energy spirals. We have seven major chakras (and an additional 107 minor chakras) that correspond to and interact with our glands, organs, lymphatic, and energy systems. When these energy centers are flowing freely, we are generally happy and healthy. When they are not, we can experience all sorts of discomfort and dis-ease. Negative experiences, emotions, trauma, environmental factors, stagnant and repressed feelings and energy... these are all things that can cause a chakra to slow down, close itself off, or even become overactive. Working with crystals is one of the many ways you can tune in and bring balance to your energetic system and your chakras.

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Earth Star Chakra

Located about 6" below your feet, within your auric field.

Signs of Balance – grounded; secure
Signs of Imbalance – disconnected; flighty; insecure

Associated Colors & Crystals - Black & Brown: Black Tourmaline, Black Kyanite, Shungite, Smokey Quartz, Obsidian, Hematite...

Any stone that helps you feel protected and connected to Mother Earth.

Root Chakra

Located at the base of your spine.

Signs of Balance – grounded; safe; content
Signs of Imbalance – fearful; confused; unclear of your purpose

Associated Color & Crystals – Red: Garnet, Bloodstone, Red Jasper, Tiger Iron, Mookaite Jasper...

Any stone that helps you feel grounded, supported, safe, and stable.

Sacral Chakra

Located slightly below your navel.

Signs of Balance – creative flow; healthy sexual desire; positive outlook
Signs of Imbalance – sexual problems; fear of sexual or emotional intimacy; needy or withdrawn

Associated Color & Crystals – Orange: Orange Calcite, Carnelian, Sunstone, Peach Moonstone, Orange Aventurine, Copper, Amber...

Any stone that makes you feel creative, juicy, joyful, and alive.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Located slightly above your navel.

Signs of Balance – confidence; calm demeanor; patient; comfortable in your own skin
Signs of Imbalance – low self-esteem; egotistical; feeling abandoned or rejected; nervousness; addictive behaviors

Associated Color & Crystals – Yellow: Tiger's Eye, Citrine, Rutilated Quartz, Imperial Topaz, Pyrite, Yellow Aventurine...

Any stone that amplifies your strength and personal power.

Heart Chakra

Located at the center of your chest.

Signs of Balance – able to express love; compassionate and giving; joyful; content
Signs of Imbalance – selfish; jealous; hateful; depressed

Associated Color & Crystals – Green: Emerald, Chrysoprase, Ruby Zoisite, MalachiteGreen Aventurine, Unakite, Eudialyte,...

Any stone that generates feelings of love, happiness, trust, and forgiveness towards yourself and others.


Higher Heart Chakra

Located between your heart and throat, at your Thymus gland.

Signs of Balance – self-love; forgiveness towards yourself and others; true compassion and a desire to help and heal
Signs of Imbalance – unable to give or receive unconditional love; excessive loneliness

Associated Color & Crystals - Pink: Rose QuartzRhodonite, Pink Calcite, Lepidolite...

Any stone that generates feelings of self-love, compassion, and empathy.

Throat Chakra

Located at your neck/throat.

Signs of Balance – expressive; effective communication skills; good listener; honest
Signs of Imbalance – afraid to speak up/represses feelings; verbal outbursts; deceitful; manipulative; shy or talks excessively; unable to listen

Associated Color & Crystals – Blue: Aquamarine, Turquoise, Celestite, Sodalite, Blue Kyanite...

Any stone that helps you express your truth with compassionate clarity and confidence.

Third Eye Chakra

Located in the middle of your forehead.

Signs of Balance – intuitive; common sense; clear memory; a sense of spirituality
Signs of Imbalance – non-sympathetic; judgmental; lacks common sense and intuition; forgetful; sleep/dream/nightmare issues

Associated Colors & Crystals – Dark Blue & Indigo: Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite, Azurite, Dumortierite, Iolite...

Any stone that helps you connect to your inner vision, dreams, intuition, and psychic abilities.

Crown Chakra

Located at the very top/center of your head.

Signs of Balance – balanced spiritual life; life has purpose; wise; insightful; connection with others and a higher power
Signs of Imbalance – unspiritual/unbalanced spirituality; unclear of life or purpose; possessing a “God-complex”; excessive fear of death

Associated Colors & Crystals – Violet, Clear & Rainbow: Amethyst, Iris Agate, Herkimer Diamond, Moonstone, Labradorite, Sugilite, OpalLepidoliteQuartz, Fluorite...

Any stone that unites you with your higher self and spirit guides.

Soul Star Chakra

Located about 6" above your head, within your auric field.

Signs of Balance – feeling spiritually protected and connected; divine love; enlightenment
Signs of Imbalance – feeling unloved by or angry with your creator; ruled by ego and fear

Associated Colors & Crystals – Clear & White: Apophyllite, Selenite...

Any stone that you feel is unlocking your transcendence.

Clearing & Cleansing Your Crystals

Shift the energy within the stone so that the accumulated old energy is removed and the crystal can radiate at its highest possible vibration once again. You may choose all, some, just one, or none of these methods... maybe you'll discover another that you prefer! Let your intuition guide you. Do this whenever you feel called to, if you've been in a particularly stressful situation or environment with your crystal, or if your crystal is feeling energetically heavy or off balance.

  • rinse under running water (preferably a river, but a faucet is just fine too)

  • smoke cleanse with herbs or incense

  • place in the sunlight and/or moonlight (be mindful that some crystals will fade if left in the sun for extended periods of time, such as chrysoprase and amethyst)

  • place upon a large clear quartz cluster or selenite

  • bury the crystal in the Earth or a bowl of sea salt

  • use sound vibrations: singing bowl, tuning fork, drum, your voice

  • empower with Reiki energy and/or your own personal magic and intentions


Setting Your Intentions

Attune your crystals to your specific vibration, needs, and desires. Ground yourself. Sit with and get to know your crystal. Hold it, stare into it, and breathe with it. State your needs and your desires. Ask your crystal to vibrate at its highest potential so that you may vibrate at your highest potential. Carry your crystal in your pocket, your bra, wear it as a piece of jewelry, sleep with it in your pillowcase, and meditate with your crystal.

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